Tennessee Residential Mold Removal

Most homeowners don't know that they have a serious mold problem until it's too late. These problems can be caused by plumbing leaks, roof leaks, flooding, poor drainage, air conditioning/heating system failure, and high humidity. Plus the extent of the damage can be unknown. With Breathe Easy we inspect your home with top of the line equipment to help determine how extensive the situation is. Our highly trained remediators build strong, well-sealed containments to safely and effectively remove the mold with no danger of contaminating other areas of the home.

Tennessee Commercial Mold Removal

At Breathe Easy we understand how important it is to keep your business running when a mold problem occurs. Our staff is well trained to work in multiple environments from Apartments, Schools, Hospital, Offices, Industrial, and much more. Our highly trained remediators work around the clock to get your business back into shape, and to keep your employees safe.

Chemical Free Mold Removal

When we removal mold from a home or business it is completely removed, not treated with chemicals. The reason is because dead mold spores are just as allergenic as live spores and must be removed to a safe level. We physically remove the mold via HEPA vacuum and hand clean with soaps.