Meet The Owner


My name is Victor Griffith President of Breathe Easy Mold Remediation, Inc.

I want to tell you a little about myself. I grew up on a farm in Eastern Tennessee and we were very poor, but I had a good life on that farm that taught me values and to be humble and honest.

I have had several businesses throughout my life time but I will have to say the mold business has always been my favorite due to the fact yes it makes money but I also get to help people with their health and property and that is very satisfying to me.

One of the businesses was pest control. I also owned a home inspection business and I was a certified home inspector. I have 2 years in drafting. I have 2 years of ac training and a few more things.

This experience allows me to properly evaluate your home and explain why mold is growing and what to do to keep mold from growing back.

I have been certified in mold remediation by two different schools.

The main training, I received was From Dr. Andrew Swanson microbiologist. When I started this company, I hired Dr. Swanson on staff full time for 2 years and he is the reason for our success.

Dr. Swanson taught us about mold along with how to create the all-important negative air pressures to remove mold spores from the air we breathe.

Breathe Easy Mold has an excellent reputation see for yourself look us up you will be glad you did.

Victor Griffith

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