Tennessee Crawl Space Air Quality

How important is the air quality of my crawl space? Very! Your crawl space can affect up to 40% of the air quality on the inside of your home. Every time your AC system turns on, the return air is like a big vacuum pulling air from all over the house to circulate. This pulls air from cracks, crevices, and even the crawl space. Most home owners don't think about the crawl space because it's "out of sight, out of mind." Moisture problems under the home can lead to much more than just mold. Moisture can damage the structural integrity of foundation, weaken the wood members, and cause sweating of the AC duct system, and many more problems.


A Breathe Easy crawl space specialist can install a sealed vapor barrier that fits your price and needs. We carry a variety of vapor barriers from 10 mil black poly to 20 mil white reinforced plastic that is sealed to the walls and piers. Plus our top of the line dehumidification system will keep your crawl space dry year round.


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